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We Connect the Dots

We Connect the Dots

Between Brands and Customers

Between Brands and Customers

We know how to connect the dots between a brand and a customer.

There are plenty of smart people, many with lots of experience in the world. Why choose us?


We know customers - and how to connect the dots between a brand and a customer - and what goes on in-between. It’s not how smart we are. It’s our knack for understanding patterns, interpreting behavior, discovering disconnects and figuring out how things in the marketplace and with customers work as a system.


Finding these kinds of insights about customers and the impact on a brand is what makes us good at solving problems for a business. Problems often that have had a business team perplexed, or lost in what to do next to improve their results. And often after having worked with other very

bright and experienced advisors, we get called.


The outcome for you when we tackle your challenge is -

more growth, better margins, and a higher value for your brand.

Our Team

The company started as a simple idea, to create a brand advisory firm with our own deep expertise as the foundation, and access other experts to extend our own skill set. We have been virtual and agile

long before it was trendy or popular.


We are very much like a construction company or a movie production company. A core team of

well-seasoned business builders that lead each project- the GC’s.


We love to dig into and clarify the business challenge and define the vision of what needs to be built or remodeled. We’ll tap our network of other hands-on expertise specialists when, where, or if appropriate

for a build. Our team and network has and can work on projects in North America, Latin America,

Europe, Middle East and Asia.

"It’s easy for a company to believe it is doing what’s right for the customer. It’s another matter entirely for the customer to believe it."

- Eric Balinski

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