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Global to Start Up Companies

Global to Start Up Companies

With Big Ideas

With Big Ideas

Our work has been with globally known brands to small companies with big ideas.

We have worked with public traded firms, privately held companies and investor backed companies - their leaders, marketing, sales, brand management, operations and whoever is needed to get results. It doesn’t matter to us if you sell to consumers or sell business to business. All these businesses need good insight and help connecting the dots to overcome what limits their results.

Our Projects

We hope these mini case project examples give you a taste of our capabilities. Yes, there are no names. That’s intentional.We respect client confidentiality, and the nature of our work is that we are best when behind the scenes making the people in the business look good.


And when was the last time a consultant or vendor sent you a royalty check after they posted your name on their website or in their promotional materials? Hummm, you can send us a note with what you find out.

We would love to hear back on this one..

"The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what we did here."

~ Lincoln

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