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This time, like all times, is very good one, if we know what to do with it. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We appreciate the opportunity to share our business insights with you. Over the next year, the central theme that will underpin each Blog entry are business insights, viewpoints, and concepts which are based on business principles, but principles that often get overlooked. For example, selling a product or a service which has a superior value proposition of meaningful, measurable, and compelling benefits to customers seems obvious.

Yet, all too often we find companies seeking the latest ideas & trends in business to improve their business while ignoring their own value proposition. Remember when everyone said the internet was going to change everything? The old ways were dead. A strong value proposition will and did trump even the Internet. Even more proof was that during the go-go days of the Internet exploding, a weak value proposition is what killed virtually every Internet start-up and wasted billions of dollars of capital. Though a dynamic trend, the principle of delivering value to customers still mattered more than the trend itself.

While many trends have potential benefit, unless the foundation of the product or service is sound, jumping on the latest trend is more likely to make a poor situation worse. Today social media has lots of potential to help a company, but undertaking a social media campaign to increase sales for a product that is inferior, is more likely to attract negative reactions.

We believe in innovation, new ideas, leveraging trends and the need to take advantage of market dynamics. But we’ve also learned that first a strong foundation is needed to leverage any idea, trend or market dynamic to grow a business. And a foundation is based first on principles. We hope you turn to our Blog if for no other reason as a sanity check on what you are doing or thinking.

© Eric Balinski- 2014


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