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A Guy Walks into a Bar...

In the August 19th article, we wrote about the importance of visual branding in Unseen is Unsold.

You’ve all heard the joke about the guy who walked into a bar. Right?

It goes something like this… A guy walks into a bar and sees a stunning illuminated brand sign for Angry Orchard® Hard Cider on the wall. So struck by the sign, he pulls the sign off the wall to see where it came from. On the back is a phone number, which he writes down.

The next day when he’s back in his office, he remembers the sign, pulls the paper out of his wallet and calls the number. He introduces himself to the person answering the phone at the company and says, I understand your company made the Angry Orchard sign?

Yes, was the reply from the person at the company?

Well then the guys say, I’d like to get a quote for sign with our company’s logo and have it say “An Official Bar of our Company.”

Turns out the “guy” is the communication director for a major league sports team. He wants the hometown area bars, pubs and restaurants that are loyal to the team to proudly declare their loyalty to the team.

It’s easy to take for granted the impact that branding can on other people. But if you’re a brand or in the visual brand communications business, you know that each day that a customer sees your brand, is a day to reinforce all that the brand stands for.

Here is to the next guy to walk into a bar.


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