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Battle of the Brands: Capitalism vs Socialism

The 2016 election is something to experience. What I find it interesting is once again the election brings to the forefront the question of which brand of economic system is best for America- Capitalism or Socialism. What I find really intriguing is both sides pick examples of other countries to make their case. So here's my take.

With full disclosure, I lived in Switzerland for two and a half years. And recently I finished advising a person who wanted to move from Venezuela to the America to start a company. I had grown quite fond of this person and truly hope his business could get started here. As I got to know him over 2 years, I realize his motivation was as much about, perhaps even more, getting out of Venezuela than the business itself.

Finally, I am always surprised that I never hear anyone hold up Switzerland as a model of Capitalism. After all, it tends to lead the world in about every measure of economic success or lifestyle, whether, most competitive or innovative or best place to live. Maybe Americans just hate to admit some other country does Capitalism even better than us.

Here is my comparison of these two brands:

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