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Ronald Welcomes His Fans Again

In my last article, “Is Your Brand Hairy or Clean”, I commented on what is happening in the Marvel & DC comic worlds. These companies are remembering who their real customers are and what those customers care about. Thus they are beginning to ignore their critics, and their non-customers.

McDonald’s seems to be another company who recently had a similar epiphany. And as someone who has been a lifelong fan of McDonald’s, I have always truly appreciated them. I have eaten in McDonald’s in at least a dozen countries on four different continents, and locations as diverse as the McDonald’s on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, to the Broadway McDonald’s in Times Square, to McDonald’s off Interstate Highways in the middle of nowhere. In every location, it was fast when I need it, enjoyable, and with consistent quality no matter where I enjoyed it.

And for the record for those food snobs, I am a pretty darn good cook with quite a collection of dishes I created for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The reality about life is this; I just can’t always make every meal I eat, nor can I afford to have a personal chef live in our home to be on call 24/7. Counting on McDonald’s often has been a necessity, as well as a welcomed meal, often chosen when there are multiple choices available. Much like their Ronald McDonald House®, a home-away-from-home, just steps away from a hospital for families with sick children, McDonald’s restaurants are a meal-away-from-home no matter where I was.

As someone whose family has also has been a beneficiary of the Ronald McDonald House for a seriously ill five-year old daughter, I admit there is a soft spot in my heart for McDonald’s besides their food.

Isn’t that the goal of any great brand?

© Eric Balinski- Synection, 2017

Here is a podcast to learn more about McDonald’s recent brand news:

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