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Swear by the Oath

I will admit up front, every time I hear someone in the craft beer industry say something like, “It’s all about the Beer”, it makes me flinch, as I wonder where customers fit into the person hierarchy of priorities. Yes, this statement is intended to show pride in the brewer’s craft and their view of what they will make customers happy.

However, having worked with and advised numerous companies over the past 30+ years, this is one of the toughest challenges, convincing the company leadership their business’ success is less about their product. The reason is, overtime this focus often results in a company disconnected to customers, uninspired value for customers, and disappointing sales.

Today, the craft beer consumer has an overwhelming number of choices, all of which are pretty darn good beers, available for any palate. That makes these good brews more of a commodity in the taste buds of customers and a growing issue to every brewer’s prosperity and survival.

To learn how mission-driven craft brewer, Honor Brewing has propelled its growth, click here to read the entire article:


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