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Keeping Bees

The honey bee has been admired and wondered about as far back as ancient times for the hexagonal honeycomb it makes. According to Greek mythology, Daedalus, a craftsman and father of Icarus, produced the first man-made honeycomb by forming gold in lost wax casting more than 3000 years ago. Greek mathematicians Euclid and Zenodorus found that honeycombs maximize the use of space with the least amount of building material. In more modern times, honeycomb structures have been described as “an architectural masterpiece” for their resilience and space efficiency.

While honeycomb structures were not the original fascination of Claire Marin, Founder and CEO of Catskill Provisions, bees and bee keeping were. Starting as a hobbyist bee keeper, Claire discovered the wonders of bees and what they produce. This became the backbone of her company and its wide array of craft products all based on bee honey.

To read the full story on Catskill Provisions in the May/June issue of Craft Brand & Marketing Magazine, please click on this link:

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