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Many a comedian has poked fun at New Jersey.

Yet, the CMO of Crystal Springs Resort, Chris Mulvihill never tires of hearing from astonished guests the first time they experience the resort, “This is New Jersey?!?!”

Crystal Springs Resort, a 4,000-acre community and getaway for people of all ages set in Northwestern, New Jersey. Golf. Spas. Dining. Wine. Nature Hikes. Wedding parties. Catering. Meetings. You name it, Crystal Springs has you covered. Take its world-class golf experience, featuring six championship caliber courses, including the highly acclaimed Ballyowen, all within a five-mile radius. Set amongst the Kittatinny mountain range near the Appalachian Trail, Crystal Springs has recruited the world’s best golf course architects, including von Hagge, Trent Jones, and Rulewich.

Click on the link to Commercial Construction & Renovation magazine to read Chris’ take on where New Jersey's favorite paradise is heading and what places it at the top of so many must-visit lists.

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